About investment

The unique character of Finale Apartments

The unique nature of the investment consists of tasteful architecture of three intimate buildings and top-class workmanship, inscribed in the greenery surrounding the complex of beautiful, old trees. The project harmonizes with the surroundings and is leaning towards the nature surrounding it – this is the vision of the author of the project, Bogdan Kulczyński, an experienced architect who is particularly sensitive to the relationship between the living space and the natural environment.

Three intimate buildings offer spacious apartments, ranging in size from 148 to 479 m2, with large terraces or gardens. On the two underground floors, more than 80 parking spaces have been planned. The materials and technical solutions used in the complex meet the expectations of those clients who require the highest standards from the apartment.







Choosing Finale Apartments

you decide on better comfort and an improved standard of living. However, the prestigious nature of the investment is not only due to its excellent location. The standard is one of the priorities we have been guided by by creating the Finale Apartaments. Therefore, the residents of the complex can enjoy additional amenities that will significantly improve their quality of life and affect the value of the purchased property.
+ spacious, modern gym
+ large observation terraces
+ captivating winter gardens
and 24 hour security of the facility.
Also, the materials used in the construction of the investment were meticulously selected in terms of high quality and strength, which can be seen, for example, in the case of façades or woodwork of buildings. Similarly in the case of staircases, reception and other rooms.


Surrounded by greenery

The compact wall of green surrounding the complex will be viewed in glazed elevations. The apartments have been equipped with unique winter gardens, allowing residents to be in close contact with nature at any time of the year. With great care, the details of the gardens in the vicinity of each building were elaborated.

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Finale comfort

Komfort Finale

Apartments FINALE is a place that gathers energy of its creators and future residents. Each of the 27 apartments covered by the investment has been conceived as a framework in which the inventiveness of users will be freed and gives the possibility of individual interior design that best suits the needs of new residents.

Finale Apartments is being built in Mokotów. It is here
that the most urban parks and recreational areas are located.

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